Bruce Willis: 'Die Hard 5' Is 'Imminent,' 'Affluent' And Shooting In 2011

Aside from a few well-timed one-liners, words have never been the strong suit of disheveled "Diehard" hero John McLane. Apparently, the same goes for Bruce Willis, the man who has portrayed super-cop McLane in four big-screen outings and will do so again in "Die Hard 5."

This summer at Comic-Con, Willis told us that a "Die Hard 5" green light was "imminent." But when MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Willis at this weekend's junket for the action-thriller "Red" (in theaters October 8), the big-screen badass wanted to clarify his previous statement.

"I think I might have said the word wrong," he confessed. "I thought 'imminent' meant that you have a lot of 'em. So I have to apologize for that." But fear not, diehard "Die Hard" fans -- Willis did go on to say that "Die Hard 5" is in the works and that a draft of the script is complete.

"It's probably going to happen in 2011," he said. "We have a script. They're making a couple changes right now." Willis kept mum on plot details, but for our money we're hoping the fifth installment sees one-man-army McLane return to his roots to battle some terrorists in a confined space (a la Nakatomi Towers). While we dig Willis running around the city, driving MAC trucks and wrestling jets, we still feel he does his best work in more claustrophobic quarters.

Willis' final thoughts on the "Die Hard" front? "'Die Hard 5' is affluent," he said with a straight face. "Does that mean any day now? F---! Then I should stop talking about it."