'Paranormal Activity 2' Viral Videos Want To Terrorize Your Baby -- And Your Little Dog, Too!

Paranormal ActivityOh, "Paranormal Activity 2." You really don't want us to sleep tonight, do you?

Paramount's haunting franchise got its big start thanks to the viral marketing movement, so it only makes sense that the bigger-budget sequel is undergoing a similar treatment. Over the past several days, multiple news outlets have posted scenes from the upcoming "Paranormal Activity" sequel thanks to mysterious packages they received from an unknown address.

The results, as you're no doubt expecting, are creepy as all get out. But you don't have to take our word for it — watch a couple of the clips after the jump!

The first video comes courtesy of UGO, showcasing the previously seen baby and dog in the comfort of their nursery. A man, likely the baby's father, puts his son into the crib, and once he leaves, the haunted horror ensues with quickly cut together glimpses of the future — the baby being lifted up, the dog barking in terror, the colors shifting. Not all is well in this house.

Cinematical are the unlucky owners of video number two, which shows the dog taking a nap on the living room couch. Unknown to our canine pal, there's a mysterious woman lurking over his shoulder with what looks to be the baby in her arms. Early speculation pegs the woman as Katie, the ill-fated protagonist of the first "Paranormal Activity."

There are several other videos out there, too. In two of them, the crib-bound baby is up and at 'em, walking around the living room in one and crawling backwards down the stairs in the other. Frankly, I'm a bit too terrified to even link to the other videos, let alone embed them — but if you're a brave enough soul, you can hit the Interwebs and uncover the chilling videos for yourself. Needless to say, between the video clips and the recently released second trailer, it doesn't look like the "Paranormal Activity" sequel is slouching in the scares department.

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