'The Taqwacores' Poster Rocks Out On MTV: Exclusive Premiere!

Art is supposed to imitate life, but these days it seems that it's often the other way around.

Such is the case with "The Taqwacores," a novel that was handed out free in parking lots in the early aughties before being published in 2004. The book centers on the complexities of being Muslim in post-9/11 America by telling of Islamic youths who become involved in the burgeoning Muslim punk-rock scene known as Taqwacore.

Funny thing is, there was no such thing at the time, but in the wake of the book's 2004 publishing a Muslim punk scene has not only sprung up but begun to thrive. In fact, Muslim punk is becoming so popular that a film version of the novel, also entitled "The Taqwacores," is headed for theaters in New York on October 22 and LA on November 12, with more cities to follow. Check out the exclusive poster debut below.

Taqwacores Poster

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