'Fringe' Recap: Episode 3.02, 'The Box'

FringeEpisode Title: "The Box"

Written By: Josh Singer & Graham Roland

The Story: In "The Box," we return once more to the familiar land of "over here" as the Fringe team stumbles upon a mysterious box that sends nearby people into a fatal trance. Walter (John Noble) struggles to solve the problem, while simultaneously dealing with his strained relationship with his son (Joshua Jackson) and the reading of William Bell's (Leonard Nimoy) will.

Meanwhile, Peter further solidifies his relationship with Olivia (Anna Torv), but this isn't the woman he thinks she is...

Let The Wrong One In: There's no arguing that the alternate reality of "Fringe" is a compelling world, but sometimes it's nice to just kick your feet up on the table and know that you're home. That's what the most recent episode of "Fringe," titled "The Box," was like — well, almost.

Just as our Olivia is unwittingly trapped "over there," their version of Agent Dunham — nicknamed "Bolivia" by the show's production team — is "over here," an unsuspected mole on the Fringe team. Driven in a way that makes our Olivia look like a skater park slacker, Bolivia is a cunning, ruthless woman with only one goal in mind: victory at all costs. That mantra is something she must be repeating inside of her head as she rapidly lures Peter into her web of seduction. It's something that she doubtlessly processed when putting a bullet in the back of a deaf person's skull — a scene that would have turned out quite differently if our Olivia was still around. It was a chilling moment, and a telling one in terms of figuring out who and what Bolivia is; in short, she's not to be trifled with.

Apparently, her goal is to convince at least Peter and Bishop of something — exactly what is unclear, though it seems to have something to do with the potential doomsday device that Walternate is working on "over there." Peter is actively engaged, according to Bolivia, and Walter is the next on her list. But Walter himself is going to be distracted for a little while, as he learned in this episode that he's become the sole shareholder of Massive Dynamic, thanks to the late William Bell. That's right, ladies and germs — Doctor Bishop is going corporate! Walter's new job should provide for some very interesting stories in the future, don't you think?

Two episodes down, and it's safe to say that the third season of "Fringe" is off to a very strong start. Let's hope it keeps up the pace as the year goes on.

Walter's Weekly Wisdom: "Bacon flavor pudding; that would surprise me." — Walter to Peter on the subject of things that would surprise him.

Next Case: We return "over there" in next week's episode, and Walternate tells Broyles that he plans to exploit Olivia's ability to walk between worlds. But Olivia, drugged and now convinced that she really is the Olivia from "over there," starts seeing hallucinations of things from her true home world.

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