'Romantics' Star Malin Akerman Gets Candid -- And Harrassed -- In 'Pedicab Confessions'

MTV's Josh Horowitz has risked life, limb and even his dignity for the sake of our envelope-pushing "After Hours" video series -- he's let Steve Carell sit on his lap for an interview (um, awkward), engaged in knife-play with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and even gotten trapped on an escalator with M. Night Shyamalan and Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely (the horror!).

For his latest foray into "After Hours" journalism, Josh spent an afternoon being chauffeured around Central Park in a pedicab with "Watchmen" beauty Malin Akerman, presumably to discuss her new film "The Romantics" (in theaters now). Sounds pleasant enough, but turns out things can head south pretty quickly when foul body odor, inappropriate talk of nudity, a hulking WWE wrestler and a sprinting Hobbit are involved.

Check out the vid below for a lesson in how to prevent a belligerent pedicab driver from turning your face into your butt (his words, not ours).