Jesse Eisenberg Says He's 'Probably Excited' to Do 'Zombieland 2'

Mark Zuckerberg is itching to kill the undead. Kind of.

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the punk/genius/billionaire man-child behind Facebook in David Fincher's upcoming "The Social Network," recently told MTV News that he's game for a "Zombieland" sequel. Eisenberg starred as a geeky, Emma Stone-loving destroyer of the undead in the delightfully graphic 2009 horror-comedy; he says the cast and crew have a "great affection" for the film and "if they were to put together a good sequel, we would all probably be really excited to do it."

So, Eisenberg did qualify his statement with a well placed "if" and equally strategic "probably," but "Zombieland" fans should most definitely be optimistic. The movie was critically lauded, financially successful and breathed new life into a tired genre. It also featured a badass Woody Harrelson dispatching zombies in some seriously entertaining ways (our favorite: via baseball bat). There's really no reason not to make a sequel.

As for what he'd like his character to do in a follow-up, Eisenberg had this to say: "I killed clown zombies in the first one. I can't imagine what other things I could do that would kind of overshadow that." Thankfully, we can.

"The Social Network" opens everywhere October 1; "Zombieland 2" is tentatively scheduled for sometime in 2011 (fingers crossed).

Are you excited for "Zombieland 2"? How would you up the ante for a sequel? Sound off below!