Sally Menke, The Bears/Packers Game And 'Dead Rising 2' In Today's Twitter-Wood

Dead Rising 2The death of Quentin Tarantino's editor Sally Menke sent shockwaves through Twitter-Wood today. Directors, writers and actors alike showed up to share memories on their accounts, including Edgar Wright, Omar Doom and Richard Kelly.

Meanwhile, in Chicago the Bears/Packers game last night resulted in a few exclamation points getting tossed around. John Cusack looked pretty calm in a picture he posted following the Bears' win, though. Check out where you hang out after a game in Chicago when you're John Cusack, as well as what happened to Ice-T's copy of "Dead Rising 2" and which film Ludacris is working on after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for September 28, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@johncusack - shocko with strange half grown Poe Mustachio-

-John Cusack, Actor ("2012," "High Fidelity")

@rustyrockets The Hindu Bobby Moore. A perfect stag do finale- they think it's all over- Hare Krishna.

-Russell Brand, Actor ("Get Him to the Greek," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall")

Sally Menke pt. 1:@edgarwright Rest in peace, Sally Menke. I only met her a few times. She was always lovely to me. A truly amazing editor. Very, very sad.

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Shaun of the Dead")

Sally Menke pt. 2: @OmarDoom Sally Menke treated everyone around her like family. A genius, an artist, a friend RIP

-Omar Doom, Actor ("Inglourious Basterds," "Death Proof")

Sally Menke pt. 3:@JRichardKelly Sally Menke was a brilliant editor and a wonderful person. So sad to wake up to this news.

-Richard Kelly, Writer/Director ("The Box," "Donnie Darko")

Sally Menke pt. 4:@diablocody I just heard the awful news about Sally Menke. She was incredible. R.I.P.

-Diablo Cody, Writer ("Jennifer's Body," "Juno")

@FINALLEVEL Went to Game Stop today to pic up mu "Collector's Edition of Dead Rising 2" The guy said.."the collectors editions didn't come in..." WTF???

-Ice-T, Actor ("New Jack City," "Law and Order: SVU")

@Ludacris Headed In to Fast & Furious 5 Set today to go back to work. Call time was 6:43am. It's gonna be a long day.

-Ludacris, Actor ("Crash," "Hustle and Flow")

Mohawk pt. 1: @ManMadeMoon @neilhimself everyone needs to take a risk with their hair at least once in their lives! This is your chance. "Taxi Driver" Mohawk?

-Duncan Jones, Director ("Moon," "Souce Code")

Mohawk pt. 2: @neilhimself @ManMadeMoon Bad Duncan! (But if we ever do a movie together I'll mohawk if you will.)

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("Coraline," "Stardust")

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