Will Tom Cruise Join 'Mountains'? Guillermo Del Toro Weighs In On Casting Rumors

I honestly feel a little sorry for Guillermo del Toro whenever he sits down for an interview with MTV News. We're absolutely relentless in our pursuit of casting scoops, and the Mexican-born director is such a freakin' nice guy, it's tough to watch him squirm.

For a while we were pestering del Toro about the actor he wanted to cast as Bilbo Baggins — Martin Freeman? James McAvoy? — in "The Hobbit." He ended up leaving that project in May (perhaps solely so he no longer had to answer our Bilbo questions) and now is deep into pre-production on an adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft tale, "At the Mountains of Madness." And as soon as del Toro walked into the MTV Newsroom last week, he surely knew he was about to subject himself to more casting-news harassment.

This time the questions centered around Tom Cruise: are Del Toro and Universal really eying the A-lister for "Mountains?"

"I've gone through this in 'The Hobbit' week by week, where they would say David Tennant, Tobey Maguire," del Toro answered with a smile. "I truly don't want to go through it again with 'Mountains.' "We haven't cast yet."

Of course, we didn't leave it there. Hit play on the video above to hear what he had to say and head over to MTV.com for the full report.