Zach Galifianakis On 'The Hangover 2' And 'Between Two Ferns'

Easily one of the most anticipated upcoming comedies is Todd Phillips' sequel to last year's hit "The Hangover." MTV caught up with star Zach Galifianakis at the Toronto International Film Festival, and couldn’t resist asking about "The Hangover 2," which started shooting in a few weeks.

"It is good. I actually think this script is better than the first movie," said Galifianakis. "It's a little bit daunting to probably try to top it, but we'll try, or at least even it out. Expectations are high, and that makes me nervous."

The stand up comedian said the film is set to shoot in California and some as yet unknown location. He said that he didn't know where the rest of the film was going to be shot, but his joking suggestion of "the moon" actually has some ring of truth, because costar Ed Helms has joked in earlier interviews that that's where they would like to film the sequel.

But if the film were to be shot in outer space, wouldn't it only make sense to film it in 3D? "No," Galifianakis replied with a laugh. Clearly this comedy is never going to be projected at us in three dimensions.

Galifianakis also chatted about his hilarious show on Funny or Die, "Between Two Ferns." The latest episode featured Sean Penn and the interview was conducted by Galifianakis' "twin brother," a comic gag the actor used in his "Live at the Purple Onion" DVD.

"I haven’t spoken to him since," Galifianakis said about the interview with Penn, and added that his "brother" might be back to do more interviews because, "he likes the attention. He likes that kind of thing." As to whether or not anyone he's asked to be on the show has turned him down, Galifianakis said that "the Pope said no," but then teased, "I don’t want to promise anything but we have some pretty good [guests] coming up."

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