Kristen Bell Would Finance 'Veronica Mars' Movie Herself, But Studio Holds The Rights

Kristen BellIf you're a "Veronica Mars" fan itching for the series to make a much deserved comeback, fret not — you've got solid company in the form of Kristen Bell herself. The actress has long championed for a theatrical resurrection of the beloved television franchise, going so far as to recently declare that she would self-finance a "Veronica Mars" movie if she had to.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Bell as having said that she "absolutely would" finance a "Veronica Mars" movie on her own, but that's not the biggest obstacle facing the franchise — with or without Bell's own money, the property is owned by Warner Bros., and they've shown no signs of moving forward with a movie.

"It's a business and the sad truth is that ... they're not going to relinquish the rights to something and let us do it," explained Bell. "We really have to do it with them because they own it."

"At this point, Warner Bros. can make it but like any studio they have research that tells them whether or not they'll make their money back," she added. "And that's what we've been told: That it's just not there. So my duty, because I wanted this movie made from the minute our show got canceled, is to a) do it before I'm 40; and b) to prove to Warner Bros. that there is an audience. You already have 3 million who watched it every week hardcore fans that will see it -- you can only build from there."

Bell acknowledged the possibility of pursuing further "Mars" tales as a web series, but she also emphasized that a film is her avenue of preference.

"I think, and I don't speak for anyone else but myself, but I think that they want it grand because it is deserving of being on the big screen," she said. "I think that maybe our creators would settle for [a web series] but I think that we all really want to push for the movie if it can happen."

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