First Footage From 'Scream 4' Set Emerges

If you caught yesterday's Twitter-Wood, you know that Wes Craven proudly proclaimed "a wrap on 'Scream 4.'" Well, the first glimpses of action on the set have now emerged in an "Entertainment Tonight" set visit confirming that Ghostface will return, Neve Campbell will walk on a roof and Courteney Cox's character will be as frantic as ever in the upcoming sequel.

As for who lives and who dies in the first scene, that stuff's still top secret, and terrible things will happen to the actors if you force them to talk, evidently.

"We're sworn to secrecy," David Arquette told "ET." "We've actually had to sign our own lives away."

Such terms are old hat for the returning actors, who seemed to welcome the return for more blood and mayhem.

"It's like going back to summer camp," Campbell said. "The first film was such a blast for all us. At the time we had no idea how successful the film would be. … Coming back to it now after years of people enjoying them and seeing each other again, it's nice."

And they'll all be hoping that audiences feel the same way when "Scream 4" hits in April 2011. Halloween will be long over by then, but springtime scares at the theater can be just as fun, especially with newbies like Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere in the fray.

Do you expect "Scream 4" to be as good as its predecessors? Who do you want to see get killed first? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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