Wachowskis 'Cobalt Neural 9' Plot Details Emerge!

Other than J.J. Abrams' "Super 8," easily one of the most secretive film projects in Hollywood right now is the Wachowskis' "Cobalt Neural 9." There have only been a few leaked tidbits on what the film is about, like that it's shot in cinema verité style, is set in the future and follows the love story between a US soldier and an Iraqi one. Fortunately for all us spoiler hounds out there, the fabulous Culture Vulture blog over at New York Magazine have some insiders who got a look at the script. Needless to say, many spoilers lie ahead.

But for those of you still puzzling over what the cryptic title means, don't. According to Culture Vulture, the title doesn’t seem to have any important meaning and never appears in the script, and there's a high likelihood that the Wachowskis will change it soon. So you can at least all stop stressing about that. Needless to say, many spoilers lie ahead.

As for the plot, the film is set in the future but is told through flashbacks of "found footage" from CNN and old digital cameras from the US occupation of Iraq. Through these devices, the story of a US soldier ironically named "Butch" and an Iraqi solder turned militant unfolds. Yes, they do become lovers and yes, there are graphic sex scenes (the script describes one as "they rut like animals behind this fence"), but the drama of the story revolves after the two soldiers' love affair blossoms.

Butch's interest in the Iraqi soldier draws interest to his family's ancestral home, and after that, according to Vulture, "disaster strikes." The blog doesn't specify what the disaster is, but the results of the tragedy radicalizes the two lovers and they decide to set out on a mission to assassinate the war's architect (haha, "Matrix" reference), then US president George W. Bush.

The representative that Vulture spoke with told the blog that "Cobalt Neural 9" will "never, ever" be made by a studio, but since the Wachowskis have so much money that they made from the "Matrix" films, they could easily self- or co-finance the flick. There are rumors that the siblings plan on starting a shoot for the film as soon as next month, but the racy subject matter may make it difficult to attract major Hollywood actors.

By contrast, the Wachowskis other project they are working on, "Cloud Atlas," has drawn many major stars, like Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman and (potentially) James McAvoy. Vulture was informed that the Wachowskis plan on shooting whichever of the two projects get financed first.

Does "Cobalt Neural 9's" plot pique your interest? Do you think the film will ever be made?