'Super 8' Starts Filming, Cast List Includes Dakota Fanning's Sister & 'Friday Night Lights' Vet

Super 8J.J. Abrams is having a good autumn. The noted producer and director ended the summer with a look towards the small screen: alongside Bad Robot, Abrams is setting up an Alcatraz-themed show at Fox, crime thriller "Person of Interest" with CBS and, as reported yesterday, the tentatively titled "Odd Jobs" starring Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson, with no network currently attached.

But it's not just television that's keeping Abrams busy, as the filmmaker is finally settling into the director's chair on "Super 8," his mysterious new directing vehicle that began shooting in West Virgina on Monday, reports Risky Business.

Already, "Super 8" has assembled quite the cast list in the form of Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler in the lead roles. Fanning is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning, while Chandler is best known for his starring role on NBC's "Friday Night Lights" series.

In addition to Chandler and Fanning, Abrams has filled out the remainder of his cast with some slightly lesser known names including Ron Eldard ("Black Hawk Down") and Noah Emmerich ("Little Children"). Then there are some virtual unknowns in the form of Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee and Zach Mills also starring in the picture.

At the moment, very little is officially known about the story of "Super 8" beyond what the rumors will tell you — and here's a possible spoiler alert for you. "Super 8" is supposedly set some decades ago, following a group of kids who come into possession of an old Super 8 camera and inadvertently catch an extra terrestrial on film.

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