Paris Hilton, 'Catfish' Reactions And The 'Community' Halloween Episode In Today's Twitter-Wood

Brett Ratner hasn't been quiet in the past about his enthusiasm for the new film "Catfish," but you probably didn't know how many times he's watched it. I won't tell you whether to believe him or not but you can find out what he claimed yesterday on his Twitter account.

In other topics, Paris Hilton made this news this morning after reaching a plea deal in her Las Vegas cocaine case. Brian Lynch identified who he thinks the lucky ones are in the whole story. His explanation, as well as 50 Cent's story of why he named his dog Oprah Winfrey and some hints about the upcoming Halloween episode of "Community" await you below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for September 20, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@MirandaBuzz A pic of me as Idiot Farm Girl and Jennette as Cowboy with a Mustache on the last day of this season of iCarly!

-Miranda Cosgrove, Actress ("The School of Rock," "iCarly")


@50cent This is my dog Oprah Winfrey. I broke her leg cause the peta people threw paint on my coat. F--- that!

-50 Cent, Actor ("Dead Man Running," "Get Rich or Die Tryin'")

"Catfish" pt. 1: @BrettRatner About to see Catfish at City Cinemas 123 for the 20the time!!!!

-Brett Ratner, Director ("Rush Hour," "X-Men: The Last Stand")

"Catfish" pt. 2: @DougBenson Saw the movie CATFISH and the premiere of HBO's BOARDWALK EMPIRE last night. Both good, both overhyped. #WalkDontRun

-Doug Benson, Actor ("The Sarah Silverman Program," "Super High Me")

@TheSlyStallone Cutting the extended version of THE EXPENDABLES,The choppy stuff I didn't shoot, but will attempt to smooth it out,Not easy, Morning World.

-Sylvester Stallone, Actor ("The Expendables," "Rocky")

@BrianLynch Whew, Paris Hilton avoids jail! Or, more accurately, whew, jail has avoided Paris Hilton.

-Brian Lynch, Writer/Director ("Puss in Boots," "Big Helium Dog")

"Community" pt. 1: @dannypudi Halloween episode is wild! @kenjeong's costume reminds me of when I looked directly at a solar eclipse in 5th grade. Terrifying/fascinating.

-Danny Pudi, Actor ("Community," "Road Trip: Beer Pong")

"Community" pt. 2: @kenjeong @dannypudi I can't tell you how fulfilling it is when my sole purpose in life is to make you break. That way I know I'm in the zone.

-Ken Jeong, Actor ("The Hangover," "Community")

@ManMadeMoon Have a bloody fantastic bit of Source Code news. Super star Clint Mansell WILL be scoring the film. You have no idea how relieved I am.

-Duncan Jones, Director ("Moon," "Souce Code")

@freddurst @RedHourBen Miss you tons brother. I watch Tropic Thunder almost every day on tour here in Europe. Genius.

-Fred Durst, Actor/Director/Musician ("The Education of Charlie Banks," "The Longshots")

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