'TimeCop' Reboot In The Works, Jean-Claude Van Damme 'Won't Be Invited Back'

Time CopEven though Jean-Claude Van Damme opted out of "The Expendables," that doesn't mean that Hollywood has lost interest in Van Damme. Far from it, in fact, as Universal Pictures is reportedly eying a big budget remake of one of JCVD's greatest hits — "TimeCop."

What's Playing has the scoop that "Time Cop 2.0" is "finally inching forward," stressing that a reboot of Van Damme's 1994 action flick has been in the works for the past four years. There's just one catch — Van Damme himself won't be involved. Despite expressing his interest in the project, the action icon "won't be invited back" by Universal, with the studio reportedly opting for "a major star" to headline the remake.

Even without Van Damme's involvement, it's hard to resist the prospect of another "TimeCop" movie. Between Van Damme's time traveling hero, Ron Silver's corrupt politician and quite a few roundhouse kicks delivered across the decades, "TimeCop" is certainly one of the greatest of Van Damme's many flicks. With modern technology on its side, a "TimeCop" reboot could be pretty cool.

But there's definitely room to bring Van Damme's Agent Walker in on the reboot. After tinkering with time to prevent his wife's murder, Walker could go off the rails in his attempts to change other important historical events. A new hero is required to step in and thwart Walker's misguided attempts. It's a way for Universal to honor the "Time Cop" of yesteryear while still pushing the franchise forward with a new face in the front seat. It's a win-win for everyone!

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