'South Park' Creators Musical 'The Book Of Mormon' Sets A Broadway Release Date

The next season of "South Park" kicks off in April, a mere few weeks after another momentous development in the career of the crass cartoon series' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. "The Book of Mormon," a musical that the duo developed alongside "Avenue Q" composer/lyicist Robert Lopez, will open at New York's Eugene O'Neill Theater in March. The story follows two modern-day Mormons in Africa, with scenes from the life of Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saints movement, peppered throughout.

Does news get any better than this? Parker and Stone are behind one of the most impressive, cleverly crafted musicals in recent memory -- I am referring, of course, to the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" -- and the idea of them bringing that talent to a Broadway stage is exciting in the extreme. Especially given the subject matter-- a similar story unfolded in an episode of "South Park," one that continues to rank among the funniest in the series' history. I can't embed the episode in the blog, but you can watch it right here.