ENTOURAGE: Episode 88, 'Lose Yourself' Recap

EntourageEpisode Title: "Lose Yourself"

Written By: Doug Ellin

Story: Vince (Adrien Grenier) has hit an all time low thanks to his cocaine addiction and his girlfriend Sasha Grey's imminent return to the porn industry. Vince's behavior causes his friends to stage an intervention. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) does his best to repair the tequila business, Eric (Kevin Connolly) considers a new venture of his own, and Ari (Jeremy Piven) fights to save his marriage.

Burned Out: The season began with Vinnie Chase in a literal car crash and it ended with him in a proverbial one. Bloody, bruised and beaten at the hands of drug abuse, heartache and Marshall Mathers — in that order — Vince officially hit the wall in "Lose Yourself," most likely on the receiving end of a drug arrest after crossing one too many lines. Pun not intended.

As I've said before, Adrien Grenier has been in top form this season, with "Lose Yourself" yielding his best performance to date. The intervention scene was painful not just for Vince's family and friends, but also for the audience as we're all left to wonder how much further the young actor can sink before he drowns for good.

Vince isn't the only one who hit a wall, as Ari's antics finally pushed his wife (Perry Reeves) to leave him. Ari is easily one of the highlights of the show, but I've always had a hard time rooting for his marriage — I just never understood how his wife could continuously accept her arrogant bastard of a husband's apologies time and time again. With their relationship in rockier territory than ever before, Ari is going to have to fight and apologize harder than he's ever had to if he wants to win her back. Then again, maybe she'll just run back to him as she always does. We'll find out next season.

Next season — also known as the last season. After eight seasons, "Entourage" will finally end in 2011. The series is likely to go out with Vince on a high note — but exactly what kind of high note remains very much in the air at this point. I, for one, am excited to see how the show finishes out.

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