EXCLUSIVE: 'Jackass 3D' Poster Features A Flying Jetski

That headline pretty much says it all. You've already enjoyed an exclusive new clip from "Jackass 3D" this evening. Now I've got a cherry on top for you, in the form of a shiny, new poster.

After the jump you can see a dude who I'm guessing is Johnny Knoxville setting off into the wild, blue yonder from the back of a star-spangled jetski (it's red, white and blue anyway). I'm not sure what landed him in this predicament, but I AM sure of two things:

(1) Something unconventional launched that thing into the air.

(2) This will not end well for either the jetski or its rider.

You'll have to wait until October 15, when "Jackass 3D" hits theaters, to see the before and after. For now, enjoy the moment in poster form.