EXCLUSIVE: New 'Star Wars' Poster From Mondo -- 'Dawn Of Tatooine'

Today has already brought with it a rich bounty of awesome Alamo Drafthouse-related news. MTV spoke with CEO and founder Tim League this morning about the past, present and future of his company. We not only learned of the launch of Drafthouse Films, a newly formed distribution arm that will be releasing the controversial Jihadist comedy "Four Lions" this fall, we also got word that the Drafthouse brand will be expanding to New York and Los Angeles sometime in the next year or so with those trademark events-driven movie theaters.

Then there's Mondo, the boutique art dealer headed by Justin Ishmael. What started as a cool, stylish way to promote Alamo Drafthouse events has transformed over time into a source of fine hand silk-screened art, all of it pegged to movies. Mondo recently won the "Star Wars" license, which has resulted in a steady stream of gorgeous, limited edition posters from a range of talented artists. The last offering, a Yoda print entitled "Great Warrior," was sold out in five minutes (curse all of you who were quicker on the draw than I was!). Barely two weeks later, I'm pleased to reveal the next "Star Wars" offering from Mondo, on sale tomorrow: "Dawn of Tatooine" by Shan Jiang

Hit the jump for the full image and poster details.

"Imagining what those people on Tatooine see in every day life is something I wanted to create for this Star Wars poster. One of the Sandtroopers is patrolling on the night shift and decides to stay up on a high rock with his dewback. Maybe he is waiting to see the sunrise or just wants to be alone for a little while. It s a little peace before things eventually go wrong." - Shan Jiang

TITLE: Dawn of Tatooine

ARTIST: Shan Jiang

SIZE: 24"x36"


ON SALE: 9/10

Also, make sure you click on the image above. We've assembled a really sweet gallery of past Mondo artwork for you to peruse. These may be limited edition runs, but you can still enjoy the sight of them right here. All artwork provided courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse.