EXCLUSIVE: TIFF Selection 'Stake Land' Is A Vampire Road Movie

MTV Movies managing editor Josh Horowitz left for Canada this morning, where he'll spend the next bunch of days seeing movies and yakking it up with celebrities at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. Among the cooler offerings being screened there is "Mulberry Street" director Jim Mickle's "Stake Land," which falls into the unusual sub-genre of vampire road movie.

The story follows a teen who joins a veteran vampire hunter on a road trip across post-apocalyptic America. In addition to dealing with the expected army of bloodsuckers, the unlikely twosome must also contend with crazed religious fundamentalists who believe that the vampire pandemic is actually the Lord's work. In the below photo exclusive you can see fledgling vampire hunter Martin ("Gossip Girl" actor Connor Paolo) perched above a recent kill. "Stake Land" also stars Danielle Harris, Kelly McGillis and Bonnie Dennison.