'Weird Al' Yankovic Dumps His Fan Mail In Today's Daily TwitPic

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the genius of "Weird Al" Yankovic. His musical parodies were theme songs for my teenhood. Was a time when I could recite the lyrics to every song on "Alapalooza" from beginning to end, along with every line from "UHF."

I never sent him a fan letter though. And it's a good thing too, as today's Daily TwitPic shows us exactly what Al thinks of his fans! Okay, that's not true. I'm sure he loves us all. But those fan letters pile up, don't they? The many boxes seen in the pic found after the jump contain what Al claims are his fan letters from the '80s. The thing is, I can't tell if he's serious or not. This is "Weird Al" Yankovic we're talking about. Those could just be boxes of old clothes, or CDs containing potential songs for parody that ended up in the "no" pile. Or it really could be fan letters-- I can easily believe that that many would have piled up over the course of the decade that saw the release of "I Want A New Duck," "Fat," "Lasagna" and "Living With A Hernia."

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