EXCLUSIVE: Danny McBride Reveals 'Olympic' Title And Plot Details For Aziz Ansari Collaboration

Word broke in May that Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari, who are currently shooting the comedy, "30 Minutes or Less" in Michigan, would be teaming up again for an untitled comedy flick that Ansari and Matt Hubbard, a writer on "30 Rock," conceived. No plot details or even a title have leaked yet.

But when MTV News caught up with McBride on the set of "30 Minutes" recently, we asked him to shed a little light on the project, which is being produced under his Rough House production shingle with Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. Mandate Pictures acquired the pitch, which is being scripted Harris Wittels (a "Parks and Recreation" writer).

The title is "Olympic-Size A--hole," though of course it remains to be seen if that has any chance of being a keeper. For now, however, that's what it's called.

"Let's go for it!" Bride said with a laugh during some down time on the "30 Minutes" set. "'Olympic-Size A--hole.' It's good."

Before heading back to work, the actor also kicked us a little plot description about the upcoming comedy. "'Olympic-Size A--hole' is a film they set up through a company that I work with called Rough House," McBride explained. "It's about this Olympic athlete who comes back to his hometown and he bangs mine and Aziz's girlfriends. So we go on this mission to destroy his Olympic life."