Gemma Arterton NOT Scheduled To Talk 'Alien' Prequels With Ridley Scott

One of the bits of news buzzing this week concerns "The Disappearance of Alice Creed" star Gemma Arterton. UK outlet The Sunday Times reported yesterday (via Blastr) that she is scheduled to meet with "Alien" prequel director Ridley Scott about possibly taking a starring role in the two films.

I hate to be that guy who ruins the party, but it turns out that this isn't the case. MTV put in a call to Arterton's publicist, who quickly confirmed: "There's no truth to that." It would have actually been an inspired bit of casting; Arterton proved in "Creed" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" that she's a tough cookie. I would definitely buy her taking on -- and kicking the asses of -- Xenomorphs.

In related, but unconnected, news, Scott spoke with The Independent last Friday about his prequel plans. "The film will be really tough, really nasty," he said. "It's the dark side of the moon. We are talking about gods and engineers. Engineers of space. And were the aliens designed as a form of biological warfare? Or biology that would go in and clean up a planet?"