'Duke Nukem Forever,' A 'Veronica Mars' Movie Push And 'Machete' In Today's Twitter-Wood

Wil Wheaton summed up the reactions of gamers everywhere today when 2K Games revealed at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle that a playable version of the epically delayed game "Duke Nukem Forever" would be playable for the show.

Others in Twitter-Wood were more concerned with movies, which is appropriate since that's where they make their money. Kristen Bell has been prodding at her followers to tell Warner Bros. they want to see a "Veronica Mars" movie, Ashton Kutcher checked out the "Family Guy" take on "Return of the Jedi," and Rainn Wilson discussed a remake of "The Rocker." Check out what he'd like to do with that down below and see who's going to a midnight screening of "Machete."

Find out what they jumped on after the break. I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for September 3, 2010.

@wilw And Duke Nukem Forever was released ... and the rivers turned to blood and the sky became like fire, as The Horsemen began to ride. #PAX

-Wil Wheaton, Actor/Writer ("Stand By Me," "Star Trek: The Next Generation")

@robhuebel Going to see 'Machete' tonight at midnite. Changing my name to 'Machete' tomorrow at 8am.

-Rob Huebel, Writer/Actor ("I Love You Man," "Human Giant")

@JohnTheCho Don't know if it's the correct response, but was bummed to learn Discovery channel gunman was Asian.

-John Cho, Actor ("Star Trek," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle")

@IMKristenBell mars fans-can we bug @wbpictures & tell em the must do a VM film?? new tactic. bombard em w/tweets, theres evidence of fans they cant ignore

-Kristen Bell, Actress ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Couples Retreat")

@aplusk Watching a sneak peek of "the Return of the Jedi" Family Guy ep in McFarlane's office. #feelingprivileged

-Ashton Kutcher, Actor ("Spread," "The Butterfly Effect")

@alyankovic In Cleveland, at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Can't seem to find the Weird Al shrine... Gotta be here somewhere.

-"Weird Al" Yankovic, Musican/Writer/Actor ("UHF," "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story")

@eliroth I have never made films for reviews, but great ones really help the film find its audience and can often get non-horror fans to see them.

-Eli Roth, Actor/Writer/Director ("Hostel," "Inglourious Basterds")

@rainnwilson Following in the footsteps of Gus Van Sant's "Psycho" w Vince Vaughn, I'm doing the lead role in a shot 4 shot exact remake of "The Rocker."

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Rocker," "The Office")

@adamcarolla Rules for online dating photos- Women must stand on a scale holding that days news paper. Men must stand in front of a 7-11 door w/ paystub

-Adam Carolla, Actor ("Wasted," "The Hammer")

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