'Machete' Reviews Look Great, But Let's Not Forget About These Other Classic Film Machetes!

Let's get one thing straight: machetes are awesome. So awesome, in fact, that the oversized jungle-cutting blade is getting the spotlight in its very own Danny Trejo-starring movie, "Machete," out in theaters nationwide today.

But "Machete" isn't the first time that machetes have had a prominent role in the world of film — far from it, in fact. After the jump, check out a list of some of our favorite machetes in modern cinema!


In the original "Predator," Arnold Schwarzenegger's entire special forces team gets wiped out by the titular man-hunting alien, but many of them get one final hurrah — like Billy, the Native American soldier who wields a machete with ruthless efficiency. We never get to see what happens as Billy stands on the log bridge, machete in hand, waiting for the Predator. But the action scene that unfolds in our mind's eye is pretty badass nonetheless!

Colonel Quaritch

Not exactly a machete in the traditional sense of the word, but hey, sci-fi machetes deserve love too, don't they? If you'll open your heart to that sub-sect of machetes, then "Avatar" villain Colonel Quaritch takes the cake with his AMP suit's massive blade — a weapon that Jake Sully ultimately uses against him in the film's climactic final fight.


In "The Book of Eli," Denzel Washington's titular character walks across a post-apocalyptic wasteland with one goal in mind — protect the last copy of the bible at all costs. He has faith and apparent divine protection on his side, of course, but sometimes even a holy warrior needs a shotgun and a machete to make ends meet.

Jason Voorhees

If we're rattling off a list of the best machetes in movie history, how could we possibly leave out Jason Voorhees and his menacing blade? The "Friday the 13th" horror icon has been slicing and dicing his way through helpless victim after helpless victim for three decades worth of movies — and even if his rebooted franchise is currently in limbo, it's a safe bet that we'll see Jason again before much longer.

John Locke

Although not a movie, "Lost" cheats its way onto this list thanks to its cinematic quality (and my admittedly very biased affection for the show). "Lost" also features one of the most knife-happy characters ever captured on screen in the form of John Locke, the bald former paraplegic who brings a case of hunting knives with him to the Island. One such knife is a machete, featured prominently when Locke is seemingly resurrected by the Island — although his true identity is later revealed as the nefarious Smoke Monster.

What are your favorite movie machetes? Tell us your picks in the comments and on Twitter!

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