'The Last Exorcism' Director Daniel Stamm All But Confirmed For The Second 'Night Chronicles' Film

"Devil" is the first movie in a planned trilogy for M. Night Shyamalan, who will be serving as producer for the three films. The second movie in the series has already had some confirmed news: Chris Sparling, the writer of "Buried," is developing a script. There have also been some indications that Shyamalan has found his director for the second movie, "The Last Exorcism" helmer Daniel Stamm.

Let's review the facts, starting with what Shyamalan told MTV's Josh Horowitz during a recent interview.

"I'm thinking about what the title should be and we're just now... closing a deal with a director," he said. "I'll give you a hint: his movie is coming out very soon. I'm very, very excited because I loved his movie as well and he's a whole different style of filmmaker. That's what's so exciting for me, I get to hear through somebody's eyes how they would have interpreted the story that I came up with. It's basically 'Twelve Angry Men' but they're deliberating over a supernatural trial."

Okay, stop. Let's review.

The interview with M. Night happened on August 20. "The Last Exorcism" arrived in theaters seven days later. Stamm recently told UK site HeyUGuys, "My next project is a supernatural thriller and it’s not going to be shot in documentary style… One of my favourite filmmakers in the world, who's a legend, is producing it," adding, "[it is based on] an idea of his that another writer is writing and I’m going to direct. It has a twist in the ending, without giving away who it is."

The facts are adding up my friends. I spoke to Stamm himself earlier this week and I put the question directly to him: what's up with this "Twelve Strangers" talk?

"All lies. It's all lies, Adam," he said. So I changed tactics, asked how excited he is for the first chapter in The Night Chronicles.

"I'm as excited to see 'Devil' as anyone else would be," he said, chuckling before adding, "with no further connection to it."

Unfortunately, Stamm pulled up short of confirming anything. Smart man. "That's a nice rumor, and I would love that, I would love to do the next movie for M. Night Shyamalan because he is a hero of mine" -- wait a sec. A hero? Someone who would qualify as one of his "favorite filmmakers in the world" then.

"Maybe that'll happen one day," he continued, maintaining the charade. Then he made his message clear: "If you could please report that I would be up for the third one, that would be awesome. I would absolutely agree to do the third one. I'd be excited to, I like the rumor. I'm not saying yes or no [to any talk about the second movie]."

I think we can all pretty much agree at this point that Shyamalan and Stamm ought to just step into the spotlight and announce their coming collaboration. We all know it, they know, the evidence all but confirms it. So cross those Ts, dot those Is and get this show on the road! "Devil" is out on September 17; I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see it.