'Paranormal Activity' Filmmaker Oren Peli Gets Verite Thriller TV Series, 'The River'

Around this time last year we were all getting excited about this little low-budget horror/thriller "Paranormal Activity," by a then-unknown filmmaker by the name of Oren Peli. The movie arrived and it made ridiculous amounts of money which, coupled with the tiny budget, quickly turned it into the most profitable movie of all time.

Peli star has been on the rise since then. He's producing a sequel to "Paranormal," which arrives in theaters just before Halloween this year. He's working on another sort of "found footage" film, this one apparently involving aliens, called "Area 51." And now he's got a TV series in the works. Deadline reports that ABC has picked up a pilot for "The River," which is described as "cinema verite-style thriller drama in the vein of 'Paranormal Activity' set on a mysterious river." I'll be curious to see how a couple's self-filmed struggles with an unfriendly demon compares to a river thriller, but Peli is definitely the right guy for a verite-style treatment of the supernatural.