Jesse Eisenberg Praises 'The Social Network' Director David Fincher

One of the movies I'm most looking forward to seeing this month is director David Fincher's Facebook biopic "The Social Network." Yes, it's out in theaters on October 1, but the film will actually premiere on September 24 at the New York Film Festival. Jesse Eisenberg stars as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in what amounts to a pretty wild tale. MTV's Eric Ditzian recently spoke to the young star on the set of "30 Minutes or Less" and he gave much of the credit for what people will see come 10/1 to his director.

"One of the interesting aspects of my character was disengagement, so the character is kind of a little aloof and emotionally, really quite reserved," Eisenberg said. "For my collaboration with the director on that movie, we would be often doing half the scene 60 times one way, then 60 times a little more engaged."

The actor really appreciates Fincher's almost patchwork quilt approach to the editing process. "Why actors love working with him and why I loved working with him is because you try a scene in 200 different ways," he explained. "You know he is able to edit together several different performances for each role."

"It's kind of a wonderful experience for an actor," he added, "because you get to experiment within the scenes in a way that, on any other movie set, may be seen as indulgent and asking for too much."