Paula Patton Joins Fourth 'Mission: Impossible' As A Female Agent

The fourth "Mission: Impossible" movie -- which will not be called "Mission: Impossible 4" -- has been building more and more momentum over the past few months. Tom Cruise is coming back as Ethan Hunt. J.J. Abrams is producing. Pixar vet Brad Bird is directing and Jeremy Renner has been confirmed as a new young agent and potential future torch-bearer for the series.

Now its been confirmed that Paula Patton will join the cast as well, as the female lead. The report, which surfaced on Wednesday night from Deadline, reveals that the "Precious" star will play a young operative who works with Cruise's IMF agent. They also mention that Abrams and Cruise have "always" considered the forthcoming movie to be a franchise reboot, which I don't recall reading before. Patton beat our Kristen Kreuk and and Lauren German for the role.