'Machete' Hero Danny Trejo Really Can -- And Should -- Star In Anything

After decades of playing second fiddle to actors like George Clooney, Antonio Banderas and Will Ferrell, it's finally time for Danny Trejo to step into the spotlight with the lead role in "Machete," Robert Rodriguez's long anticipated followup to the successful "Grindhouse" mock-trailer of the same name. Although we're all undoubtedly excited for Trejo's performance in "Machete," why should the Mexican-American actor end his run of leading man roles there? There are several other genres to explore beyond the hyper-violent action arena, and Trejo would knock each and every one of them out of the park.

Don't believe us? Well, after the jump, we've listed a whole slew of pitches for genre-bending movies starring Danny Trejo — Hollywood, take notice!

Danny Trejo in Space

Every great actor deserves a shot in space, and Danny Trejo is no different. The gravelly voiced badass could easily take his action hero credibility beyond Earth's orbit and into the stars, slaughtering legion upon legion of vicious alien forces, all while getting some action from his harem of beautiful space angels.

Danny Trejo in Love

Speaking of Trejo getting hot and heavy with space angels, how about a straight up romantic story? Despite his gruff exterior, there's always room for love in Trejo's undoubtedly oversized heart. Whether he's the subject of a romantic comedy or a Nicolas Sparks-inspired tale, Trejo is way past due to show his softer, more tender side.

Danny Trejo in Prison

It should come as no surprise that Trejo himself has an incredibly compelling background story. Having served several years in prison, Trejo eventually overcame his demons and turned that darkness into a successful acting career. It would be interesting to see Trejo return to those darker days with a role in a prison movie, either tapping into his former mean streak or playing a compassionate mentor to a troubled new inmate.

Danny Trejo in The White House

He's certainly a strong and intimidating presence, but don't think for a second that Trejo is without some brains to back up the brawn. It would be amazing to see Trejo turn the intelligence up to full speed for a political thriller, perhaps storming towards the White House as the country's first Mexican-American president. He could also play a secret service agent in a pinch.

Danny Trejo in Anything

While some ideas work much better than others, Trejo could really star in just about any genre. The actor has a lot of range and experience working in thrillers, action flicks, comedies, dramas and more. At the end of the day, "Machete" will be a success if it causes Hollywood to wake up and smell the coffee that so many of us have already enjoyed for years — and no, we're not implying that Danny Trejo should play a barista in an upcoming movie, though that wouldn't be the worst idea of all time!

Tell us some genres you'd like to see Trejo dabble in in the comments section and on Twitter!