Angelina Jolie Drops Out Of 'Gravity,' Leaving Alfonso Cuaron's Smart Sci-Fi Pitch With No Star

I just hate this. Alfonso Cuaron is a talented filmmaker and his son Jonas wrote a sci-fi script for a movie called "Gravity" which sounds pretty great. They were going to do it with Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr in starring roles, with plans to shoot after Downey finished his work on the "Sherlock Holmes" sequel.

I speak of all of this in the past tense because that may no longer be the case. The word today is that Jolie has dropped out completely, the better to focus on her other commitments, Deadline reports. Downey is still a big name of course, but the story -- which follows two astronauts left stranded in outer space after their space station explodes, with one of them making desperate plans to get back to her daughter on Earth -- frames the female lead as the one responsible for carrying the story.

Which means that this movie is going to need a Jolie-level star, and quickly. There's a list of people the studio has tested or at least approached, and a sizable one, though I'm not sure all of those picks will necessarily be available. Still, I'd like to hear what you think. Which of the below stars do you think could replace Jolie and carry what sounds like a meditative, relatively action-free/character-driven sci-fi movie?