Backstage At Justin Bieber's Show With Snoop Dogg In Today's Daily TwitPic

Yeah, today's Daily TwitPic doesn't exactly have anything to do with movies. But Snoop Dogg was in a movie. Quite a few of them even. So there you go.

It wasn't a movie that brought the much-loved emcee to New York City earlier this week. It was, in fact, a young man by the name of Justin Bieber. The pint-sized pop star performed at Madison Square Garden earlier this week. A sizable camera crew was on hand to capture the action for the Bieb's upcoming 3-D movie, as were a veritable parade of guests. One of whom, of course, was Snoop.

Today's pic captures the Dogg backstage at the show, posing for a photo op with the lovely Vita Chambers, who is lending her voice to the second half of Bieber's ongoing tour.

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