Miss Universe 2010 Is Over, But It's Not Too Late To Crown Miss SCI-FI Universe 2010!

Congratulations are in order for Jimena Navarrete — also known as Miss Mexico — for winning the Miss Universe 2010 competition this year, becoming the second Mexican competitor to win the title. While she's no doubt deserving of the grand prize, it's hard to deny that Miss Universe doesn't exactly live up to the competition's name — after all, space-faring ladies aren't invited to compete, so it should really be called Miss Earth.

But let's imagine for a moment that we could forward an invitation to some of the galaxy's sexiest movie gals. Who would be up for the Miss Universe title? After the jump, we're weighing in on the competition...

Fifth Place: Aurra Sing

This tough-as-nails bounty hunter isn't exactly the prettiest lady in the expanded "Star Wars" universe, but she's certainly one of the most hardcore. But if they dolled up Sandra Bullock's schlocky FBI agent for "Miss Congeniality," I don't see why Aurra can't get a makeover, either. Through sheer badassery and a nice makeup job, Aurra finishes with a respectable fifth place medal.

Fourth Place: Diva Plavalaguna

On the surface, it's hard to justify the Diva's place on this list without acknowledging Leelu of "The Fifth Element." Sadly, Leelu just doesn't have the vocal chops that the Diva has, and that goes a long way towards the talent portion of this competition. But Diva only makes it to fourth place because, well, beyond singing, she doesn't really do a whole heaping lot.

Third Place: Sil

This femme fatale from "Species" might have won the competition if she didn't end up killing half the judges in the process. Seriously, talk about a handful between the sheets — it doesn't get much rowdier than the sultry Sil.

Second Place: Neytiri

How can you talk about sexy sci-fi girls without mentioning Neytiri? You can't! Thanks to a terrific performance from Zoe Saldana, this "Avatar" heroine ranks as one of the most memorable science fiction characters of all time, not just one of the sexiest. Still, she's not the sexiest. That distinction goes to...

First Place: The Queen Alien

Yeah. Uh, the Queen Alien. She's, uh, real hot. Really. So hot that she wins this one. No, we're not just terrified that she's going to insert her acid-drenched inner-jaw into our foreheads or unleash a horde of her alien brethren on us if we don't vote for her — she legitimately wins this one, fair and square. Uh, really.

Disqualified: The Cylon Ladies

We would have called a draw between Boomer/Athena and Caprica Six from "Battlestar Galactica" as the real winners of this competition, but they were found dead with holes in their chests and alien eggs nearby. Curious...

Tell us who you would put in a true-to-title Miss Universe competition in the comments and on Twitter!