'Lost: The Complete Collection' Blu-Ray Set Provides Fans With Bonus Material, Puzzles & Closure


Although "Lost" left the airwaves three months ago, the saga isn't over if you picked up a copy of "Lost: The Complete Collection," the epic Blu-ray set that just arrived in stores today.

"Lost: The Complete Collection" is almost better described as a mysterious artifact of the Island than a mere Blu-ray set. Much like the series itself, the set contains several hidden secrets that require no small amount of patience and ingenuity to puzzle out. It's not all a laborious effort, of course, as the casual fan can simply enjoy the set as it is without rolling their sleeves up too far — but where's the fun in that? After the jump, check out some of my favorite features from one of the final pieces of "Lost" merchandise, and certainly the most extensive one yet.

What I Saw Was Beautiful

There's no denying the sheer amount of effort that went into the packaging of this Blu-ray set. Shaped as if it were once a pyramid that had its sharp upper half cleanly knocked off — not unlike the four-toed statue — this angular box opens up to reveal all sorts of intricate innards. There are hidden sections, board games and puzzle pieces inside, alongside the obvious Blu-ray discs themselves. Truly, it's something to behold for the most devout "Lost" fans.

The Eye of the Island

The actual episodic discs are easy enough to find, but there is bonus material lurking within the depths of the "Lost: The Complete Collection" set. For one hidden disc, you need only look into the eye of the Island — and yes, that's the only clue you're getting from me. But once you discover this bonus disc, you'll find all sorts of extra material including deleted scenes from past seasons and featurettes such as "Swan Song: Orchestrating the Final Moments of Lost."

A River of Light

The secrets of this comprehensive "Lost" set aren't relegated to bonus discs and related material. Those who purchase "Lost: The Complete Collection" will find themselves equipped with a DHARMA brand handheld black light, a device they can use to literally shed light on invisible messages inscribed into the box itself. How's that for interactivity?

The New Man in Charge

Of course, one of the big draws of "Lost: The Complete Collection" is "The New Man in Charge," an eleven minute bonus episode that touches on the lives of Hurley and Ben after they became the rulers of the Island. Does it disappoint? Well, that depends on what you were looking for — but if you're holding out for key answers about the DHARMA Initiative, Island pregnancies and the fate of a certain former series regular who was curiously absent from the final season of "Lost," something tells me you'll love it.

Letting Go

Ultimately, the best part of "Lost: The Complete Collection" is the fact that it exists. As a full package, it works extraordinarily well, offering diehard "Lost" fans with countless hours worth of material to pore over as they continue the process of moving on from this frequently frustrating but almost always gripping television series. It's not necessarily an essential purchase for the casual "Lost" fan. But for the rabid viewers who still haven't let go, "Lost: The Complete Collection" provides plenty of reasons to go back to the Island time and time again.

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