'The American' Clip Presents George Clooney As A Bearded Badass

The lesson in today's clip from "The American" is simple: don't f--k with George Clooney. The Anton Corbijn-directed thriller stars the popular actor as a retiring assassin who just wants to finish his last mission and be done with the life. Too bad for him, the life won't let go so easily.

In the below clip, Clooney is out for a snowy stroll with his new friend Ingrid (Irina Björklund). She doesn't know what his background is, but she's about to get a taste of it. The clip ends before he has to explain himself; my guess is he takes the "that dude made fun of 'Batman & Robin'" defense.

I sure do like the look of this movie. It's out on September 1, next Wednesday, to kick off the post-summer season of Oscar bait contenders. Will this be one of them? Who knows, but I'm sure curious to see it!