'Star Wars' Silent Film A Relic From A More Civilized Age

Before you groan and click away with a sigh of "Another freaking 'Star Wars' video?!" on your lips, hear me out. George Lucas' galaxy far, far away is a fixture on this blog, thanks largely to my own insatiable geekdom. This is one damn clever video though, even in the grand pantheon of the Internet's billion-plus "Star Wars" bites.

If you've never seen a silent film before, this is a pretty close approximation of what they look like. The intertitles (dialogue cutaways) come a bit frequently, but hey... this is a movie that was originally made with sound. The piano accompaniment completes it-- you've gotta love the slow-grooving "Darth Vader Theme" that pops in roughly halfway through. I don't think I'd ever want to watch "Empire Strikes Back" in its entirety like this, but as Internet fan videos go this one ranks very high on the "wow, that's awesome" list. (via JoBlo.com)