Angelina Jolie Vs. Johnny Depp: Which Star Of 'The Tourist' Did Paul Bettany Connect With?

Now that "The Tourist" has an official release date, December 10, 2010, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce the real leading man of the film: Paul Bettany. Or have him introduce himself, rather.

When I caught up with the entirely too likable actor at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss "Priest," Bettany deftly avoided revealing any actual details about his character in the film.

"I can't tell you anything!" he said. Instead, he presented his co-stars as "unknowns," (Johnny Depp plays an American tourist abroad who becomes involved with an Interpol agent, played by Angelina Jolie), and revealed who he fell in love with while making the film.

"'The Tourist,' with two unknown actors called Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie," Bettany joked when asked to comment on the film. "[That] little indie movie… I think it was the first Paul Bettany movie they had ever been in and they were a little nervous."

"I sort of fell massively in love with Johnny Depp, who’s just one of the sweetest, funniest human beings you can possibly imagine," he added. "It’s so nice when you meet one of those people who make that much f--king cash, that you kind of go, ‘I’m really glad it happened to you.’ It’s awesome.”

Sooo... not much actual news from Bettany other than he has a crush - which makes me think he plays the villain. Still, it's good to know!

Will you go see 'The Tourist,' aka the 'New Paul Bettany movie'?