Joey Lawrence, Wesley Snipes And Michael Dudikoff Unite For 'Havana Heat,' Strangest Headline Today

I'm not sure I can handle the awesome that is the just-announced "Havana Heat." Joey Lawrence (whoa!), Wesley Snipes (always bet on black...) and Michael Dudikoff (the one and only American Ninja) will come together (finally!) to star in the indie action flick, which Dean Hamilton will direct. The story revolves around an undercover Homeland Security agent who is murdered in Havana, Cuba.

It doesn't matter, really. Anything that brings this trio together on screen is fine with me. I haven't seen Lawrence in a long time, but who can forget "Blossom"? He also stars in the new ABC comedy "Melissa & Joey" with former "Clarissa Explains It All" star Melissa Joan Hart which launched this week. Snipes has been doing a lot of direct-to-video work in recent years, though he turned in a strong performance in last year's cop drama "Brooklyn's Finest." Dudikoff has been off the acting grid since 2002's "Quicksand"; fans of "American Ninja" will be pleased to see him in action again.

Variety reports that producer Tayrona Entertainment Group is angling for a summer 2011 release.