'Piranha 3D' Cast Make The 'Avatar' And 'Jaws' Connections

Somewhere out there sits a blogger in his boxer shorts writing a dissertation-length post about the connection between James Cameron and "Piranha 3D."

Here's the CliffsNotes version: Cameron made his feature film debut in 1982 with "Piranha II: The Spawning" ("The Terror is Back....But This Time it Flies!"), effectively ending the fishy franchise until this week's "Piranha 3D," the trailer for which ran before Cameron's "Avatar" last December.

Still too long for you? How about we turn to Mr. Jerry O'Connell, star of "Piranha 3D," for a pithier take on the Cameron/"Piranha 3D" connection.

"Obviously, 'Avatar,' in the planning stages, Mr. Cameron was like, 'We're going to make a 3-D movie. We're going to make the best 3-D movie,' " O'Connell told MTV News. "Alex Aja, who was our boss on this one, said, 'I'm going to make a 3-D movie and I'm going to make a really good 3-D movie. So from the get-go, all the bits, all the gags, all the drama, is designed around 3-D. So if you're a fan of 3-D, this is one you don't have to groan about."

Co-star Paul Scheer, meanwhile, went off in another direction and spun some creative thread between "Piranha 3D" and an earlier summer blockbuster. "It's a fun horror movie," he explained. "The same way when you saw 'Jaws,' and you were like, 'Oh, this is fun.' Lately a lot of horror is like, 'I'm going to cut your toe off with this razor blade.' This is going back to the date, fun horror movie."