'Jackass 3-D' Architects Johnny Knoxville And Jeff Tremaine Promise Naked Party Boy, Invisible Man Antics

It was bound to happen eventually. People love physical humor too much. "Jackass" is coming back, and it's hopping on the 3-D bandwagon. "Jackass 3-D" arrives in theaters this October, and if the trailer is any indication, fans can expect the same cringe-inducing stunts that they've come to love... only this time it'll all be seen in three dimensions. MTV spoke to "Jackass" star and creator Johnny Knoxville and co-creator Jeff Tremaine at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks ago, and they very excited to share one thing in particular in this movie: Party Boy's wang.

"Party Boy won't be scary. He'll be very, very sexy," Knoxville said. "He got rid of that itchy thong for 3-D." Tremaine added, "We lost the thong so the 3-D could really come at you. The clothes finally come off."

It's not all homoerotic reveals though. The "Jackass" creators promise plenty of actual stunt work as well, the life-threatening sort of stuff that fans have come to expect from the series.

"I think the Port-A-Potty bungee where Steve-O almost got launched into space [seen in the trailer] is gonna be a good one," Knoxville said. "I [also] had a five-foot hand built, just kinda on a spring saying hello to the fellas in the morning." You also see that one in the trailer, towards the end.

"We got to shoot with a big jet, a fighter jet, but we kept in park and just used all the thrust and played with that," Tremaine added. Yet another moment seen in the trailer, when Ryan Dunn suits up and sits himself down in a leather chair, reproducing a classic Maxell cassette tape ad... sort of.

The most exciting one isn't hinted at in the trailer, when Knoxville does a little bit of dress-up. "I about broke my neck being the invisible man," he said. "I don't know how I did not break my neck being the invisible man."

One thing you won't see is Margera getting smacked in the head with a baseball bat, which really happened a few months ago. MTV's Kara Warner asked if we'll get to see that.

"When he got whacked in the head with a bat?" Tremaine asked. "That happened after we [filmed]." Don't be concerned though. Margera takes plenty of beatings, from the sound of things. Tremaine added, "We did worse than that to him."