'The Social Network' Looks Awesome... But Will It Top Competing Twitter And YouTube Movies?

If you like good movies and you've seen the trailer, it's hard to be anything less than TOTALLY FREAKING STOKED for the fall release of David Fincher's Facebook biopic, "The Social Network." In fact... why don't we take a look at that slice of kickass again?

Ahhh. Love it. Especially with that Radiohead-singing choir behind it. But did you know that Twitter and YouTube both have equally gripping stories to tell. That's what a pair of new mock-up trailers would have you believe, anyway. Check 'em out after the jump.

It's a pretty great pair of parodies, I have to say. They both borrow heavily from the "Social Network" trailer, but it's interesting to see how the key moments from it are altered to suit each of the two subjects. As a frequently frustrated Twitter user, I especially appreciate that Fail Whale crack. What do you all think?

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