'The Expendables' Star Sylvester Stallone Dines With Arnold Schwarzenegger In Today's Daily TwitPic

"The Expendables" is out in theaters today! Writer/director/star Sylvester Stallone's throwback to '80s action is packed with stars. Jason Statham. Jet Li. Mickey Rourke. DOLPH LUNDGREN. (that's not a typo-- every letter in Dolph's name is as important as the one before it) There are also a couple of notable cameos, from Stallone's fellow action stars of old Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their time in the movie is short, but see that trio together on screen for the first time... it's something special.

Schwarzenegger has been absent from the movies world for a long time of course, ever since he became California's Gubernator. He's been upping his profile more and more recently, leading many to believe that the former action icon will be returning to acting when his term of office ends next year. He certainly seems to be enjoying himself in "The Expendables." Stallone told MTV as much in a recent interview. And after the jump you can see the two having some fun together in today's Daily TwitPic.

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