Sylvester Stallone Has A 'Poe' Update And More Explanation On The End Of 'Rambo'

Sylvester Stallone is throwing back to his '80s fame this week in the ensemble action romp, "The Expendables." As one of the premiere action stars of the past 30 years, it's very exciting to see him going back to his roots, especially with the great cast he's surrounded himself with.

MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke to Stallone about "The Expendables" at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks ago, and talk inevitably turned to two other projects with roots in the actor's past.

First was "Poe," a biopic about the late horror author Edgar Allen Poe that Stallone has had his heart set on doing for a long, long time. "I will direct it, but it's never gonna live up to the hype," he said. He jokingly added, "No matter what I do it's going to bomb, totally. Totally! When you've been talking about something for 30 years, it's impossible [to live up to those expectations]."

Robert Downey Jr. was at once point attached to star as the titular author, so Josh asked if the "Iron Man" star is still on board. He didn't say one way or another, but he admitted that the role needs to go to someone "special."

"It has be like Downey, I designed it for Downey," he explained. "Perhaps I could re-work the script. [Maybe] Johnny Depp. It needs a very special actor like that." While it doesn't sound like there's been any recent momentum on the project, Stallone was quick to add, "I'm sure there's something on the horizon."

Then there's his famed Vietnam vet, John Rambo. It's been widely known for a number of weeks now that Stallone is done with playing the character. The 2008 entry, "Rambo," was well-received and there had been talk for awhile of another movie to follow it, but Stallone thinks the seemingly unkillable warrior has earned a rest.

"I just don't know. You've seen everything and I would be repeating myself," he said. "If the action takes place in America or Mexico, that means by the end of the film Rambo's on the run. And I think he's been running enough, for 30 years, he's gotta stop running. So I thought maybe this is best laid to rest."