EXCLUSIVE: Adam McKay Wants To Sequelize 'The Other Guys' Or 'Step Brothers'

"The Other Guys" marks Adam McKay and Will Ferrell's fourth big screen collaboration, but despite their efforts, the duo hasn't been able to gift Earth with a sequel to any of their comedies. For the sad tale of the demise of "Anchorman 2," reach for the tissues and click here.

But! Wipe those tears away, because as depressing as it is to say goodbye to more legend-making adventures with Ron Burgundy, McKay told MTV News late last week that he and Ferrell are indeed planning on a sequel: either to 2008's "Step Brothers" or "Other Guys." He also dropped some hints about a mysterious project that would reunite Ferrell with John C. Reilly, his "Step Brothers" co-star. Read on for the details...

MTV: "The Other Guys" certainly ends with the potential for a sequel. Have you guys ever talked about revisiting this territory?

Adam McKay: You never want to jinx it. We'll see how we do this weekend, and overall with foreign. We had fun shooting this one. We kinda talked about it. It's odd that Will and I have done four movies together, and now there's almost a novelty to doing a sequel at this point. "Anchorman 2" didn't quite work out, so the two we were talking about were "Step Brothers" and "Other Guys." We don't want to get ahead of ourselves. We said we'll see how it plays.

MTV: Well, first you're got "The Boys" and then probably the Lee Atwater biopic.

McKay: Yeah, those are the next two. But Will and I are talking about the sequel idea. You really know, with these comedies, how they play six months after they've come out. "Step Brothers" got kind of — whatever — mixed reviews, which is totally what we expected. Anytime you have a minute-long fart joke, you're not going to get great reviews. And then it was, like, a year after it came out, all of a sudden it started to hit and started to get followers. The same thing happened with "Anchorman 2." We'll really know how this movie went down about six-to-eight months from now. But I would be happy to go back into this world. I never got tired of seeing Will and Mark going back and forth. They're alternative heroes, and I think because of that, you're allowed to go into strange worlds you wouldn't normally go into.

MTV: So what would be the plan? You do "The Boys" and then Lee Atwater and then either an "Other Guys" or "Step Brothers" sequel?

McKay: Yeah, we'll see. We're talking about the sequel idea. And then we have another idea that we like too. It's an original idea. The one thing I'm pushing for is Will to go back and work with John C. Reilly again, even if it's not me directing.

MTV: You want to whisper the idea to me?

McKay: No, no, I can't say now. I just love the two of them together so much. I want them to make, like, eight movies together. So we have this idea and maybe it's we write the script, then someone else directs.

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