Weezer's 'Hurley' Album Inspires These Other 'Lost' Music Mash-Ups

"Lost" and Weezer supporters may not have been the most natural bed fellows in the past, but the two sets of fans certainly have something in common now — "Hurley," Weezer's upcoming album. With a picture of actor Jorge Garcia's face plastered on the album cover, the new Weezer album has nothing to do with "Lost" other than the name and likeness of the unlucky lottery winner.

As both a music lover and a big "Lost" fan — yes, still — I started thinking about some other musicians who could find inspiration in the "Lost" mythology for their next album. After the jump, check out some suggestions for "Lost"-inspired albums!

"Boone," by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has won the world over thanks to his memorable hair and boyish good looks. In fact, he almost looks like a younger version of Ian Somerhalder, the "Vampire Diaries" star who briefly appeared on "Lost" as the ill-fated Boone Carlyle. In a sense, naming his next album after Boone would be a way for Bieber to honor his predecessor.

"Desmond," by Lady Gaga

Very few people can handle the mind-bending madness of Desmond Hume, the frequently drunk Scotsman who occasionally sees the future, travels through time, visits alternate dimensions and withstands massive amounts of electromagnetic exposure. Lady Gaga, in all of her weirdness, is one such person.

"Locke," by My Morning Jacket

Arguably the most tragic figure on "Lost," John Locke would need an entire concept album devoted to him in order to explain the character's entire emotional arc. A band like My Morning Jacket could easily handle such an album, oscillating between slow, mournful melodies and rage-filled rock epics with ease.

"Sawyer," a Bon Jovi / Bruce Springsteen collaboration

Sawyer is too much of a confidence man for one musician to handle, with his album necessitating a collaboration between bad boy Jersey rockers Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. With Jovi and Springsteein at the helm, tracks like "A Tiger Don't Change His Stripes," "Outta My Light, Sticks" and "Son of a Bitch" practically write themselves.

"Sayid," by System of a Down

The only way to successfully pull off a Sayid-centric album is to feature tons of crazy music with which to torture, maim and otherwise brutally kill your enemies to. System of a Down fulfills that requirement with ease, providing several hard rock and progressive metal tunes to blare in the background as Sayid defends the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors from the Others and other bad guys.

What other "Lost" characters are deserving of their own concept album? Tell us your suggestions in the comments and on Twitter!

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