EXCLUSIVE: 'Saw 3D' Motion Poster Gives New Meaning To 'Heart-Pounding'

A few weeks ago our friends over at UGO debuted a really slick new motion poster for "Saw 3D." We've got an awesome new one for you today, another rotating image that is better seen than described. Like the headline above suggests, "heart-pounding" is quite literally the order of the day.

The seventh and reportedly final chapter in the series will reunite a number of Jigsaw's previous victims as they face a gauntlet of new challenges from the sadistic genius. Even Cary Elwes is coming back! Expect to be terrified as the series' trademark death traps spring off of the screen and into your face in full 3-D. "Saw 3D" also brings back the "Saw VI" team-up of director Kevin Greutert and writers Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton. It is set to hit theaters on October 29. Hit the jump to see the motion poster goods.