Jason Statham And Ben Foster To Star In Charles Bronson Remake, 'The Mechanic'

Jason Statham is stepping things up in his career this Friday with a leading role in the ensembles '80s throwback action flick from writer/director Sylvester Stallone, "The Expendables." After you've appeared in a movie led by what is arguably one of the biggest action stars of the last 30 years, where do you go?

Charles Bronson's house, apparently. Over the weekend I received a press release revealing that CBS Films picked up the distribution rights to "The Mechanic," a remake of the Bronson film from 1972 starring Statham and Ben Foster. Statham will take the Bronson role, a hitman who takes on an apprentice (Foster) who happens to be connected to someone Statham's character's own master killed. I've never seen the original, but I like both of these actors and I like Charles Bronson. Looking forward to seeing how this one comes together.