ENTOURAGE: Episode 84, 'Hair' Recap

EntourageEpisode Title: "Hair"

Written By: Doug Ellin

Story: Vince's (Adrien Grenier) relationship with pornography actress Sasha Grey takes a public turn of events, causing some trouble for his professional life. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) faces an unexpected challenge with Alex (Dania Ramirez). Now that he knows the faces of his enemies, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) goes head-to-head-to-head against the power duo of Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) and Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino). A newly sober Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro) resurfaces looking to return to the film industry.

Cutting Loose: Vinnie Chase has partied hard over the course of seven seasons of "Entourage," but he's arguably hit his personal lowest in recent episodes, thanks to Turtle's dangerously delicious batch of tequila and the seductive ways of Sasha Gray. By the end of "Hair," a very drunk and very naked Vince lies face down next to his pool while Eric and Ari hover over him, ready to tackle the biggest career move of the young (and unconscious) actor's life. Can Vince pull himself together enough to land the "Airwalker" deal? We'll find out next week.

Vince isn't the only one with troubles, as Turtle has a problem sealing the deal with Alex due to some, well, physical discrepancies. Eventually, the two get over their baggage and make the first real move towards solidifying a relationship. Ari is having some trouble with women as well — Lizzie Grant and Amanda Daniels to name two, as both Hollywood power players are out to sink the super agent. Lizzie leaks recordings of Ari's rants to Deadline Hollywood, leaving Mr. Gold at a loss for how to repair his already volatile reputation.

Another major highlight of "Hair" was the return of Billy Walsh, who went underground following the dismal failure of his collaboration with Vince on "Medellin." Billy wants to work again, so he turns to Eric (Kevin Connolly) for help — and this time, he's sober as a whistle and considerably less angry. The director already has ideas for creating an animated series built around Drama (Kevin Dillon), and for the sake of "Entourage" fans everywhere, let's hope the cartoon gets off the ground.

One last note before we go — in case you haven't heard, "Entourage" is nearly at an end. HBO has confirmed that next summer's six-episode season "will definitely be the final season" of the series, possibly paving the way for a feature film adaptation. In other words, savor these episodes of "Entourage" while you can!

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