'The Other Guys' Are The Winners In The Saturday Box Office Report

The Other Guys1. "The Other Guys" ($13.2 million)

2. "Step Up 3-D" ($6.6 million)

3. "Inception" ($5.5 million)

4. "Dinner for Schmucks" ($3.4 million)

5. "Salt" ($3 million)

For three weeks in a row, Christopher Nolan's "Inception" was an absolute dream at the box office — but the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring action drama is about to receive a wake up call, surrendering its repeatedly earned first place crown to the likes of "The Other Guys."

Starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as a pair of mismatched, bumbling police officers, "The Other Guys" came out of the gate on Friday with badges and service weapons at the ready, resulting in a solid $13.2 million opening day. In all likelihood, director Adam McKay's latest comedy will win the weekend with close to $35 million under its belt before Sunday is over.

"Inception" missed second place as well, falling short of the $6.6 million earned by "Step Up 3-D," the eye-popping third installment in the dance film franchise. Premiering in less than 2,500 theaters, the "Step Up" sequel's opening day numbers mirror the same $6.6 million hauled in on the first day of "Step Up 2 the Streets" back in February 2008.

Nolan's latest film moved down to third place on Friday, though with only $1.1 million standing between it and "Step Up 3-D," it's entirely possible that "Inception" could finish the weekend in second place.

"Dinner for Schmucks" and "Salt" held onto positions in the box office's top five, with $3.4 million and $3 million a piece.

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