'Unstoppable' Trailer Rolling Like An Out-Of-Control Freight Train

Denzel Washington. Chris Pine. Tony Scott. Not a bad combo, right? The latter directs the former two in "Unstoppable," the first trailer for which hit the Internet today.

I dig it. Maybe there are malevolent forces, terrorist-type baddies who set the marauding train seen in the trailer on its path to destruction. But I sort of like the idea of a movie with no villain other than failing technology and bad timing. The premise is laid out pretty clear in the trailer: Washington is a train operator, Pine is his trainee. While out on a lesson, the two get word of an out-of-control training hauling enough hazardous waste to put a large area in grave danger should the thing derail. So crazy plan is concocted by Washington to stop the thing. No one wants to do it-- too risky. But it's either that or put a lot of lives at risk. "Speed" on rails? Maybe. Looks fun. Check it out after the jump.